New Year -- New Resources

Monday, November 16, 2009

Buy more to be able to read more

Let's be clear, if you read books and worry about how the industry that publishes them will survive, there is only one thing you can do:

Buy more books.

It doesn't matter where, what kind or in whether electronic or print.

Here's the proof, as reported in the industry web site,, today.

None of The National Book Award nominees for fiction -- novels who have been voted the best of the year by a panel of other writers and critics -- have sold more than 18,000 copies so far, and most well under that.

We may not agree these are the best novels above all others that we would read ourselves, but I doubt any of us would think that any aren't worth reading -- especially in a world where Sara Palin is earning millions of dollars.

We need to vote for quality with our pocket books.